Making Readers Smart

It’s easy to come up with content. But creating smart, magnetic, and share-worthy stories is hard.

Writers should strive to make readers smarter because *NEWSFLASH: This Will Help Turn Readers Into Customers*

Consider 3 writing rules:  1) Simple, conversational, language works best (you know, the way humans actually TALK to each other!).  2) Never be afraid to break the script and give them the unexpected.  And 3) Be entertaining!

I’m an experienced journalist, laser-focused on great storytelling (see my sample work).

Content I create might include blogs, newsletters, videos, white papers, eBooks, guest posts to high-profile publications, research reports, or actual (tree-killing) books.

Intrigued? Get in touch! Let’s work out an editorial calendar, put together a publishing schedule, and tell stories that will resonate with your customers.